OneSource Employee Management

Deeper knowledge. Trusted partner. Bottom-line results.

Expect an immediate 20 to 50% reduction in cost when you partner with us.

Why OneSource?

  • Take advantage of OneSource’s self-insured status with our alternative program for workers’ compensation.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with OneSource–an industry leader in PEO services. 
  • Experience reduced HR costs and improved service thanks to our years of industry knowledge.
  • 98% of our customers stay with us and trust our HR outsourcing solutions.

  • Our financial stability has earned us Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) recognition as a proven alternative to traditional BWC workers’ compensation coverage and discount programs.
  • With OneSource you get customized HR solutions which allows you to add additional services as you grow.

  • You retain autonomy, while we share your liability.

  • You have one point of contact: an expert who gets to know you and your business needs.

  • You’re guaranteed improved cash flow by paying with your payroll cycle – instead of two months upfront as required by the BWC.
  • Partnering with OneSource saves you money and frees up time better spent on your core business.
  • You’ll get consistently predictable rates when you partner with us – free from expensive surprises.
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"I’m confident in OneSource’s ability to manage our human resource needs. They take a lot off my plate, so I can focus on what is important to me – my guests’ plates."

How We Help Your Business

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Workers' Compensation

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Human Resources

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What is a PEO and how can it help my business?

A PEO is not a temp firm, a staffing agency, a simple payroll service, or placement agency. A PEO legally enters into a contractual relationship called “co-employment” with you, becoming the ’employer of record’ and handling things like taxes and benefits while you  remain the ‘worksite employer’ and handle day-to-date management as usual. A PEO is then responsible for: 

Administration of Payroll

Workers' Compensation

Quality Employee Benefits

Employee Liability Management Services

Productivity Improvement Services